So long, and thanks for all the sex

We’ll file this under “so obvious it’s painful”:

WARNING! In the considerations of safety, you should NEVER let a male dolphin attempt anal sex with you.

This, and other disturbing stuff at [no photos, but explicit text about gettin’ it on with dolphins].

Other bizarro bits on the site:

Q1) How do I tell a male dolphin from a female one?

You know, I suspect that if you’re going to have sex with a dolphin, you might not have any kind of gender hang-ups. “What? You want to have a homosexual relationship with a dolphin? What kind of freak are you?”

Q6) Where can I find a dolphin to mate with?

A6) Aquariums are a bad choice, for many reasons.

Not so fast, cowboy, I’m still wrestling with why, never mind where.

(My finding that page is all MetaFilter’s fault.)

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