More compatibility test results

More results from the AccordionGuy compatibility test from my friends:

Science fiction author, OpenCola founder, BoingBoing editor and EFF Outreach coordinator (and in the future, audio-animatronic attraction at Disneyland): that’s my friend Cory Doctorow. One of my fondest memories of my days in California was the time when he and I went to Disneyland. He walked around the place as if he were Walt himself, chatting up the castmembers and reporting attractions that weren’t working properly.

Cory rated as 68% similar and 69% complementary.

Not even the power of the accordion can protect you from girl trouble, and for that, my friend Adina Goldman has always lent a sympathetic ear and a relevant saucy anecdote.

Adina rated as 75% similar and 73% complementary.

In the parallel universe where my life actually just a TV show, Will McLean is the popular new character. We met at Kick Ass Karaoke, and you’ll often find us on Queen Street, either busking or looking for kicks.

Will rated as 72% similar and 73% complementary.

Here’s Cass Mittlestead, the world’s cutest Johnny Cash impersonator, whom I also met at Kick Ass Karaoke.

Cass rated as 78% similar and 90% complementary.

If there’s debauchery to be had, “Too-tall” Tina Gravelson will be there will bells on. And 8″ platform boots, too! Tina wins the “Most Similar to Me” contest. The only way we differ is that I look even better than she does in fishnet stockings.

Tina rated as 91% similar and 78% complementary.

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