A couple of bits of interesting news, if you live in Accordion City…

Canada is experiencing the biggest surge in employment in the past five years. Both The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star have articles on it.

The city of Toronto is planning for growth, what with 1 million more people expected to move in and the city being second only to Los Angeles in terms of growth. The city is planning for it, and it looks — from this article anyway — that they might be on the right track:

Can the drab, car-dependent, strip-mall neighbourhoods along Kingston Rd. become pedestrian-friendly promenades like Bloor West Village and the Beach, lined with restaurants and flower shops?

The people planning the future of Toronto think so, and they believe they’ve come up with a way to do it.

Here’s a preview of their plan, which will be unveiled in two weeks.

It calls for stacked townhouses and low-rise apartments along commercial strips, and high-rise towers along subway routes. Public transit would be expanded until it becomes a viable option for people in every corner of the city.

The rest of the article is here.

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