Tina’s Birthday

Taken Tuesday, April 9th at the Bovine Sex Club, Queen Street West, Toronto. The birthday party of one Lady Miss Kristina “Tina” Gravelson, fishnets-and-PVC Queen extraordinaire. We all bought her drinks, her poison of choice being a double whiskey sour in a pint glass. Happy 22nd, Tina!

Funny story interlude

At one point during the party, some guy in his early twenties took a look at my digital camera, noticing that there was a small LCD display on the back.

Him: Is that a screen on the back of your camera?

Me: Yeah. Take a look. (I show him the camera.)

Him: What the — ? (looking at screen) That was the picture you just took! You mean you can see the film develop?

Me: No, there’s no film. It’s digital.

Him: It’s what?

Me: Digital.

Him: What the fuck do you mean, digital?

Me: It’s electronic.

Him: You mean it uses batteries?

Me: Yeah, but the picture is stored electronically.

Him: (A little agitated now, as if I’m speaking some kind of crazy moon language) I still don’t get what you’re talking about!

Me: (Trying to dumb it down a little further) The pictures in the camera are stored on…computer…chips.

Him: (Completely astonished, shouting) They can do that now?!

I decided not to tell him about the Internet, for fear his head would explode.

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