Oh, no, not a Star Trek-related entry!

Sorry, I couldn’t help it — I am a geek, and these are pretty funny…

Should you stalk William Shatner?

This handy quiz might help:

1. When I think of William Shatner, I:

a. Think of Captain Kirk

b. Think of the original “Star Trek

c. Push my tummy out as far as I can and say, “But, Ssssss… pock!

d. Hold all the muscles in my face totally still so no one can tell what I’m thinking. This is private to me, do you understand? I won’t have you blabbing to him and ruining my chances of becoming his best friend.

For more info on William Shatner, check out his website. Apparently he keeps a blog, and according to this report, he actually writes it himself. Someone else goes through the entries and corrects them for spelling (and…probably…pauses…as…well), but otherwise, it’s supposed to be straight from the Master Thespian’s keyboard to your screen.

How the character of Wesley Crusher could’ve been cool

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Wil Wheaton — the guy who played the character of Wesley Crusher — has a weblog. And he’s all right. I’ve forgiven him for all his sins (which were really the show’s writers’, anyway), and someday, I hope he can forgive me for all those comics I drew in university in which he died horrible, unpleasant and messy deaths.

Anyhow, he got this e-mail just this past weekend:

To: <>

Subject: star trek

Ya know the writers could have solved that whole image problem of Wesley Crusher by

A. Giving him a cool name like “Sparks Mcgee” and a peculiar accent, possibly a tattoo

B. Having him kill people randomly on the ship for no apparent reason.

C. Giving him a cool car to drive around in, like a 1978 Trans Am or one of them Dukes of Hazard [sic] cars

D. Giving him a cool catch phrase like “I got a course you can plot”

E. Wear a cowboy hat

Then like Picard would say “Number One, where the devil is Sparks Mcgee?”

Then Number one would say “In his muscle car sir”, then everyone would laugh except Worf who would say some shit about honor or something. Then people at home would think, “Man that Sparks Mcgee sure is cool, a real rebel.”

I still think they should’ve kept Ashley Judd on as an ensign

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