Kick Ass Karaoke,

March 2002

Once again, it’s the Wednesday closest to the middle of the month, so that means Kick Ass Karaoke at the Bovine Sex Club! This was a particulary fun Kick Ass Karaoke: the crowd was wild and cute, and the accordion’s chick magent powers were serving its master well. Take note, boys: an accordion is cheaper and possibly more effective than Coincidence Design’s consultation services.

I performed two number tonight: OMC’s How Bizarre and Fatboy Slim’s Rockafella Skank. Mike D told me that he was playing Rockafella Skank at the office today when one of his co-workers said “Hey! That’s the Accordion Guy song!“. Memo to Fatboy Slim: Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah.

To my surprise, Lindi showed up. To everyone’s surprise, Lindi and Tina started a contest to see who could put a bottle into her mouth the deepest. I think Lindi won. Us boys just watched the competition in awe. Could this be an Olympic sport in 2004?

Here are some of the Kick Ass regulars peforming…

At one point, someone walked up to me and asked “Do you work at a dot-com?”

I replied “I used to work at a dot-bomb. I named the urinal mint of a company for which I used to work.

They turned out to be art directors for R.O.B. Magazine, a branch of The Globe and Mail (“Canada’s National Newspaper”). In March 2001, the magazine ran an article called Peer-to-Peer to Profits ( the text of the article appears here), in which the company was profiled. The one photo that accompanied the article featured the three founders — Grad Conn, John Henson and Cory Doctorow (actually, it was Paula Martins holding up a picture of Cory in front of her face) — and me, playing my accordion. We chatted for a while, and I told them about Peekabooty. One of them, Vanessa, told me to drop her a line about the project when it was near completion. Cool.

Here’s some other silliness:

Some new (and cute) faces showed up this evening…

Two of the bands performing at the Steam Whistle Brewery this Friday were represented at Kick Ass Karaoke tonight: Tina, whose band, Fresh Meat, will be playing along with Lindi and her band (featuring yours truly). Miss this gig at your peril.

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