Back in Business!

I’ve been so busy putting the finishing touches on my part of Peekabooty (a small contribution compared to Paul’s efforts — let’s give him a really big wet smoochie) and with preparations for CodeCon that I haven’t had a chance to make a blog entry, nor even to renew the domain! That’s why the site’s been silent and unreachable for the past week. However, The Adventures of AccordionGuy In The 21st Century is back in business. Better yet, I have some high-larious stories from San Francisco coming up!

In the meantime, I have to do some horn-tooting about Peekabooty. I’m feeling great about the project and very thankful for the opportunity to work on it. It’s also great getting back to travelling and doing developer relations work; it feels like the salad days back when I worked for the company. Even better, it’s so much easier to do developer relations when you have working code!

Bootylicious links

The Register has two stories about us: Censor-buster Peek-A-Booty goes public and Peek-A-Booty – The First Screenshots. We’d like to thank Reg reporter Andrew Orlowski for interviewing us and being very kind (after all, you read The Register for their charmingly nasty put-downs, don’t you?).

c|net’s also has two stories. The first, Human rights application not finished, is about Peekabooty. The second, Dot-com dropouts share open-source love is more about the fact that most of the applications shown at CodeCon were made by unemployed geeks such as myself.

I was picked up by a limo full of women the night before (story to be told in an upcoming posting), so I was on a natural high when during our presentation. Wesley Felter caught the audio stream of the show and noted what I said in this entry of his blog, Hack The Planet. Thanks, Wes!

Much love to Cory Doctorow for providing us with a place to stay and being the best damned agent I ever had. He’s been saying very nice things about us over at Boing Boing. Thanks, bro!

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