I’m rather occupied with all manner of chores today. Now that I’ll be working from home, I’m spending the netire day getting my home office properly set up, my library of technical reference books re-organized, and the things I will be using most place withing easy reach. I’m also taking some time to get the household finances in order, which given certain circumstances that I won’t elaborate here, isn’t as easy as it sounds. In the meantime, how about some News McNuggets?

Other things that happened on Tuesday

Aside from my getting sacked, here’s what also happened on Tuesday…

  • Chicks Dig It. Technically it happened on Monday night, but at midnight, it spilled over into Tuesday morning, so I’ll count it as a Tuesday event. Temple Bar looks like a place that would please the Wallpaper*-reading crowd. The place is too cool to have a sign — its facade has a polished steel door below a glowing red cross (in the courtyard leasing to Temple Bar, there is a sign that says, of all things, “Temple Bar”, with an arrow pointing to its entrance). The velvet-curtained entrance leads to a a spacious entranceway where the main bar is located. Behind that is a cozier, darker area where the dance floor competes with the lounge for space. Perhaps the dance area should be put in the more space front section.

    The night started off with a small number of people and reggae music, but once the crowd arrived around 11, the DJ picked up the pace and kicked off a great drum-and-bass set. The people behind the event were very friendly, asking everyone if they were having a good time and thanking them for coming. Rob came along with me and while he wasn’t into dancing, he was enjoying the groove. I ran into some old friends and acquaintances I hadn’t seen in a while: Billy D, Ian Revell, James Fowler and his boyfriend Jeffrey. As is my habit, I took the accordion with me, played along with some of the drum-and-bass, played “Happy Birthday” for Julie, whose birthday was at the stroke of midnight, and got photographed by a guy taking pictures for the Globe and Mail.

    My only complaint: Temple Bar overcharges for drinks. $7 for a pint of local beer?

    Minor gripe about beer pricing aside, I had a great time, and I think it was a promising start to a new incarnation of Chicks Dig it. Chicks Dig It takes place every Monday night at the Temple Bar, 469 King Street West (south side, just west of Spadina — look in the alleyway for the glowing red cross) and the cover is “pay what you can”.

  • Rest in peace, Dave. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, died on Tuesday. He was the last franchise founder still pitching his own product, and he did it in a very down-to-earth, deadpan, aw-shucks kind of way; even though he was the CEO, he often liked to say “I’m just a hamburger cook”. He was a family guy, married to his wife for over 40 years, and his restaurant chain is named after his daughter. An adopted child, he used some of his wealth to create a foundation to find homes for orphans.

    What you probably don’t know is that Dave had a five-second walk-on role in a made-for-TV movie, Bionic Ever After. Yes, a Six Miilion Dollar Man/Bionic Woman made-for-TV movie. There’s a scene where terrorists gunmen have taken over a U.S. Embassy in Nassau during aparty. The guests, along with Steve Austin, have been rounded up and put into the basement. Steve checking to see if anyone’s hurt, and he walks up to Dave and asks “Are you okay, Dave?” to which he replies “I’m okay, Steve.” Bionic Man and Burger Man, together at last.

    So long, Dave, and thanks for all the Frostys.

  • My ex, joined the National Guard. Good luck, Erica, and whatever you do, don’t shoot yourself in the ass like this guy did.


Went to Rancho Relaxo to see Lindi perform in order to get a better idea of what her music is like. I’ll be backing her up on accordion at her CD release party on January 31st at B-Side (Richmond and Peter Streets, above Fez Batik). A fair number of her songs are in 3/4 time and really sound suitable for accordion accompaniment, so I’m looking forward to gigging with her. She’s called a rehearsal for this Sunday, where I’ll get a chance to meet the rest of the band. Should be interesting…

Thursday and today

Thursday evening, I had a number of visitors — first Anne, then Ashley, her brother John and Turner, followed by John Henson and Possum. Thanks for coming to visit, guys!

And the rest of the time, the aforementioned chores. It’s a lot of work, but the home office is really coming together. I still have to get a replacement chair — this crappy office chair I’m currently using isn’t going to cut it. I may also have to get my grubby paws on a monitor, as this 12″ laptop screen isn’t going to do much good. If everyone who owes me money could please pay me back as soon as possible, I would appreciate it.

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