October 2013

Oddly Appropriate Video of the Day

by Joey deVilla on October 26, 2013

Bart Simpson and Nelson as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn on a raft, passing a sign that reads 'Now entering Missoura'

I’ll explain later.

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We’re Terrible at Estimating Risk

by Joey deVilla on October 24, 2013

keep your outlet plugs in

Click the picture to see it at full size.

We’re terrible at estimating risk, especially when it involves things for which we have strong emotions or biases. Consider the photo above, which was posted to Facebook. It features someone’s kid, posing in front a collection of serious firepower, with this caption:

I just wanted to take a minute and remind everyone to keep their outlet plugs in if they have small children in the house.

Poe’s Law rears its head again: it’s so ridiculous that it has to be a joke, yet there’s no shortage of people — especially in America — who are pretty certain that a gun is the most important piece of safety equipment you can keep in your home, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

By the bye:

  • I think guns are still pretty fun, but I also think they’re a privilege that’s all-too-often mistaken for a right, and
  • this doesn’t invalidate what the Facebook poster says about electrical outlets.

Maybe part of it is because we’re not all that hot at teaching math to laypeople, but even those of us who took statistics and probability courses get risk estimates wrong all the time. We’re just not wired to have a good “gut sense” for what’s risky and what isn’t.

Consider sharks and vending machines. Which kill more people? (The following fun fact photos come from Buzzfeed.)


vending machines

I assume that these get killed in their attempts to tip vending machines in order to get free stuff, only to be crushed to death.

Which kills more: vending machines or roller coasters?

roller coasters

Which kills more: roller coasters or high school football?

high school football

High school football ain’t got nuthin’ on hot dogs:

hot dogs

If I placed a wager on what killed more people — slipping in the tub or falling out of bed — I’d have lost my money:


falling out of bed

Does Black Friday shopping kill this many people?

black friday

And finally…

I once joked about an idea for a mobile app that would’ve saved the lives of people like David Carradine. If you were into autoerotic asphyxiation, you’d check in with this app before commencing the jerky-choke, and then go about your business. If you didn’t check in with it again within some predetermined time (30 seconds? 60 seconds? I have no idea how long it’s supposed to take), the app would call for help. I remember thinking that even if the App Store would approve such an app, there wouldn’t be a big market for it.

I think I might be wrong:

autoerotic asphyxiation


oderus urungus reads goodnight moon

What happens when you take the children’s classic Goodnight Moon and hand it to GWAR’s lead singer, Oderus Urungus? Probably not sleep, but at least some swear-tastic fun…

There’s swearing aplenty in the video; it may not be safe for your workplace.

It’s probably the best bedtime story session since Samuel L. Jackson read Go the Fuck to Sleep:

Let’s not forget the classic rock and roll treatment of Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Keith Moon:

Thanks to Nic Pouliot for the find!


triumph the insult comic dog - craft beer fest

The snobbery! The ridiculous facial hair! The protruding bellies! The most skewed male-female ratio this side of Silicon Valley! With all that and more, a craft beer expo in Devnver sounds like the perfect place to send Triumph the Insult Comic Dog…

Of course, if you want to see Triumph in top form, the video to watch is when he rips on Star Wars nerds in line for Episode II:


Scotty Was a Badass

by Joey deVilla on October 23, 2013

how tough are scotsmen

Image created by Wayne Brown, found via Erinn Day.

He works hard and plays hard. Montgomery Scott is the engineering role model.


Fun Fact of the Day

by Joey deVilla on October 22, 2013

Seen today just off Queen Street West:

fun cheese fact

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Jesus Gets Down to Bidniss

by Joey deVilla on October 22, 2013

business jesus

Click the picture to see it at full size.

“Yeah, yeah, I said all that about camels and needles, but for 20%, you’ve got yourself a deal, son! Now who’s up for steak and scotches?”

For more oddball paintings of Jesus in modern situations, take a look here.