My new goal for all my online presentations, courtesy of “The Onion”

My new goal for all my online presentations is inspired by this article in The Onion: To make them so compelling that “Zoombombers” will forget about disrupting them and choose to watch and even participate.

Speaking of online presentations, I run a couple of meetups that have gone online since the start of staying at home:

One of the meetups I run is Tampa iOS Meetup, a gathering for programmers who want to learn iOS programming. In these meetups, I walk you through a coding exercise and you code along with me — you learn by doing. Along the way, I explain what’s happening in the code you’re writing, and at the end of the session, you have a working app!

The other meetup I run is Coders, Creatives, and Craft Beer, and it’s an informal monthly event where techies and creatives get together and hang out. We’ve had many great conversations at these, people have landed jobs or got some great career advice, new friendships have been made, and we’ve even had a jam session break out!

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