Help Aspirations Winery in Clearwater — Donate to their GoFundMe fund!

One of my favorite business in Tampa Bay needs your help — Aspirations Winery, located in Clearwater, and maker of tasty wines using local fruits. Many places just sell wine, but Aspirations Winery makes drinking wine an event with tastings, get-togethers like Wine-O Bingo, painting nights, and other gatherings that bring people together with good wine, food, and conversation. I’m not the only one who thinks this — lots of people have been raving about Aspirations Winery on TripAdvisor.

Anitra and I love Aspirations Winery. Their regular Wine-O Bingo night was one of my first outings as a new arrival to Tampa in 2014, and it was quite easy to get to know Bill and Robin Linville, the owners (the wine and accordion helped). Over the years, we’ve been buying their wines, our most recent purchased being this gift basket in a local auction.

Bill even helped me get my start here in Tampa, what with introducing me to some local businesspeople, meeting with me to discuss what sort of apps I could write for him, and even giving me the opportunity to have some serious bragging rights: Aspirations Winery’s Wine Crush was the first app I’d ever submitted to the App Store (I asked if I could use their winery as the theme for an app, and Robin provided me with a lot of artwork).

Like many small businesses, and especially those here in Florida that rely on tourist business, COVID-19 has been hard on Aspirations Winery. The fact that aid meant for small business went to the wrong people didn’t help, and that money was gone before Aspirations’ applications were “officially” received. Their tasting room is a big part of their business, and with tourists and even regulars gone, they had to close it on March 15th.

They need money to help their employees get through this time while being out of work, and I was only too happy to donate to their GoFundMe fund. If you have a little extra money and are looking to help a worthy business, please consider helping Aspirations Winery out!

To donate to Aspirations Winery’s GoFundMe find, click here.

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Joey, you are the best! Thank you so much for doing this, it really means a lot!

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