Goldfinger’s “Here in Your Bedroom” — the 2020 quarantine version

Goldfinger’s eponymous debut album is one of my favorite albums of the 1990s. There isn’t a single “dog” track on this album — I enjoy the throw-away tracks, even the one with the drummer’s phone call audition one. And while it’s a corny crowd-pleaser that even Goldfinger themselves don’t like to play, Here in Your Bedroom is my go-to song on the album. In fact, it’s one of the first songs I played on the accordion on that fateful Saturday when I first took it out onto the street.

While the current stay-at-home order wasn’t how I imagined the spring of 2020 would be, it has had some unexpected upsides, including this one: Goldfinger putting together a quarantine version of Here in Your Bedroom from their separate stay-at-home studios!

For comparison’s sake, here’s the 1996 video for the song:

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