Solving social distancing in Sicily with squeezeboxes!

Even though people are confined to their homes in Sicily, it appears that people there have worked out ways to keep social distancing from turning into social isolation through the best social technology out there — the accordion!

Here’s a video posted to Twitter from John Nichols:

You can see the original tweet here:


Five years ago today…


Another way to time washing your hands: The Litany Against Fear from “Dune”!

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In the previous post, I suggested that you time washing your hands by reciting the break to the Violent Femmes’ Kiss Off. For those of you who prefer a sci-fi approach, how about the Litany Against Fear from Dune?

Thanks to Trey Steinhoff for the find!


A better song to time washing your hands

Are you tired of singing Happy Birthday to You to ensure you’re washing your hands for 20 seconds? Want to sing a different, cooler, angstier song? Want to wash for an extra ten seconds?

Just sing the break from Violent Femmes’ Kiss Off. On their eponymous album, this section takes exactly 30 seconds:

I take one, one, one ’cause you left me and
Two, two, two for my family and
Three, three, three for my heartache and
Four, four, four for my headaches and
Five, five, five for my lonely and
Six, six, six for my sorrow and
Seven, seven n-n-n-no tomorrow and
Eight, eight, I forget what eight was for, but
Nine, nine, nine for a lost god, and
Ten, ten, ten, ten for everything! Everything! Everything! Everything!

To slightly twist the lyrics:

You’ll wash your hands, but you won’t mind
You’ll wash your hands, you should do it all the time


“Distracted boyfriend” — the coronavirus remix

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You can’t keep a good meme down!

Thanks to Leah Snowbender for the find! This is my version of the meme, which features better typography.