How sloped is that sloping toilet? Here’s a little perspective.

The internet’s abuzz with discussion of the new toilet design, whose goal is to reduce employee time in the bathroom. Created by the late stage poop capitalists at StandardToilet.Net, it’s a toilet whose seat is at a 13° downward angle, requiring you to use your legs just to stay on the seat. After sitting on it for just a few minutes, most people will find it uncomfortable.

A 13° degree angle may not seem like much, so think of it this way: That’s a 23.1% grade (a 45° angle is considered to be a 100% grade). As a comparison, here’s a San Francisco street with a 25% grade, which means that it’s only slightly more angled than the new toilet:

Tap the image to see it at full size.

(If you’d like to see the grades of other San Francisco streets, see this article: San Francisco hills and grades.)

Here’s another street with a 25% grade, courtesy of the boostedboards subreddit:

Tap the image to see it at full size.

This toilet isn’t just an affront to employee dignity, but inconsiderate to people with gastrointestinal issues, people who need a little quiet time and privacy, and an outright violation of statutes for the disabled. I can also see it never being installed in executive washrooms.

I can see it getting an Ayn Rand Seal of Approval.

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