Office scene of the day: Sourcetoad’s “Purple Passion Pit”

Photo: Sourcetoad's 'Purple Passion Pit' - a small room with a white table, 4 purple chairs, and a purple wall with a monitor. On the table are a purple dry-erase marker and a Macbook Pro with an image of Prince on its monitor.
Click the photo to see it in its full purple majesty.

Sourcetoad — that’s where I work — has a number of small “huddle rooms” for smaller meetings or conference calls. I was on a conference call this afternoon in the purple huddle room (the company colors are purple and green), which I call the “purple passion pit”. I thought that the room called for me to update my desktop picture to something suitable.

The name — which isn’t used by anyone at Sourcetoad other than me, comes from the name of a reading room at the library at my alma mater, Crazy Go Nuts University.

Having switched back to going to an office after eight years of working remotely from home, I’m pretty pleased to be in interesting surroundings.

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