Birthday weekend plans


One year ago today — and half a world away!

With a crazy couple of weeks coming up — including trips to SMARTRAC’s Baltimore office for a big-ass town hall meeting and tech evangelism planning and to London to help out with the presentation of some really cool tech — I’ve decided to make this year’s birthday celebrations a little more low-key than last year’s, which was at a Diwali party in Pune, India (pictured above).

I’ve already hit the gym and taken in some of today’s lovely weather. I’m still getting reacquainted with the concept of balmy November birthdays; it’s 28°C / 82°F as I write this.


The view from our yard.

I suppose I could tidy up my home office a little and get some stuff off the floor…


…and then have some lunch:


After lunch, I plan to dive into an ebook I just bought, Unity Games by Tutorials, because I want to try my hand at making 3D games for iOS and Android (especially now that I have a nice new computer and Android phone that SMARTRAC assigned to me), and hey, who doesn’t like programming games?

Here’s a video preview of the games programming tutorials in the ebook…

…and here’s where I’ll be trying out the tutorials in said ebook:


Tonight’s plans: dinner with Anitra at Bollywood Spice in Clearwater, followed by catching this guy’s show:


That’s fellow Canadian Les Stroud, whom you might know better as Survivorman, or the non-poseur Bear Grylls. He’s on tour right now with a band, giving multimedia shows where he performs with his band and tells stories, all with a video backdrop of the films he’s made in the wild.

This is what Sunday will look like — I’ll be at our friend Jerry’s place, celebrating his birthday:


That’ll bring us to Monday, where my morning will look like this…


…and that’s when things get not-so-laid-back.

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