Florida of the Day: Florida Man chews off fingerprints so cops can’t ID him; forgets about his distinctive tattoos

florida man chews off fingertips

definitely floridaKirk Kelly, a man on Tampa’s most wanted list, was pulled over by police in Tallmage, a town in northeast Ohion, at a traffic stop at 3 a.m.. The cops became suspicious when he provided two fake IDs and used his brother’s name, and one of them mentioned using a mobile fingerprinting device to identify him. Hearing this, Kelly, who wasn’t handcuffed at the time, chewed the pads off his fingertips.

It didn’t do him any good, since the photo above shows that Kelly has a distinctive set of tattoos, including some that clearly mark him as a Tampa thug, which were used to identify him. In case you were wondering, he has a nationwide felony warrant out for drug, weapons and racketeering charges, and Tampa police believe he sold guns that were used in multiple murders.

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