Arnold Schwarzenegger Does Requests for His One-Liners on YouTube

arnie - put the cookie down

The Verge says it best:

Not every action film star can say they delivered enough one-liners to become a parody of themselves, but Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly can.

And now, as part of a promotion for his new film, Escape Plan (which for some reason had its world premiere in the Philippines), he’s doing requests for those classic lines on YouTube. Here’s what he’s posted on his account so far…

Put That Cookie Down!

You Hit Like a Vegetarian

Who is Your Daddy, and What Does He Do?

Get to the Choppa!

It’s Not a Tumor! (Plus Bonus Shout-out)

Room for My Fist

What is Best in Life?

Thanks, and I’ll be Back

The ones I want to see him re-do:

For reference, here’s the old-school stuff:

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