“Douche V’s” Reasons Why Toronto is the Worst City in North America for Men

roosh v seems more like douche v

Yes, this “pickup artist” and self-proclaimed “love tourist and fat shamer’s” nom de guerre is Roosh V (actual name Roosh Valizedah) but in my opinion, Douche V might be a better handle. One of the better-known members of the “PUA (Pickup Artist) Community” or the “Seduction Community“, Roosh has written many books on mastering the art of the one-night stand with titles like Bang: More Lays in 60 Days, Day Bang: How to Casually Pick Up Girls During the Day, 30 Bangs: The Shaping of One Man’s Game from Patient Mouse to Rabid Wolf, Bang Lithuania, Bang Poland, Bang Ukraine, Bang Iceland, Bang Colombia, Don’t Bang Denmark and Don’t Bang Latvia. The astute reader will notice a recurring theme. Roosh’s writings are not confined to his books — you can also check out his Twitter account as well as his blog, where you’ll be able to find gems like:

  • Are You a Real Man?: “If you can’t get laid with multiple women, you’re not a real man, plain and simple. If you can’t mate with superior genes then you’re a blight on the human condition, and should be euthanized. What else is there more important to human existence than fucking? Nothing.”
  • Western Culture Poisons Women. Apparently, self-esteem for women is a bad thing and must be stopped: “A few weeks ago I met a tall Polish girl who lived in America for two years. She tried to make fun of me for being alone in the club, when she was in fact alone herself. She smiled while busting my balls, as if she was getting enjoyment out of it. I hadn’t had to come up with insult retorts in quite a while, so it took me time to deploy my counterattacks. They were guided in by GPS satellites, beautifully destroying their target. Her face turned sour and she looked like she was about to cry.”
  • The United States of Broken Women: “If a Puerto Rican girl likes me, she’d invite me to her home to bake a dish from her country that she suspects I might like. An American girl will offer me her Chipotle leftovers or make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, untoasted. Do I need a girl to cook delicious food for me? No. I don’t need a girl to do anything but spread her legs, but these optional things hit the provider buttons of my brain, telling me that I can put more effort and investment into the girl. They tell me to take a short break from the game and enjoy at least a little bit of time with this new person.”
  • Never Listen to a Woman: “I’ve observed almost no cases where a man’s status or position has been increased from following a woman’s advice or opinions, and it’s much more likely for him to be harmed from it.”

The quote that best sums up his attitude: “I’ll be the first to admit that many of my bangs in the United States were hate fucks. The masculine attitude and lack of care these women put into their style or hair irritated me, so I made it a point to fuck them and never call again.”

Therein lies the dilemma of the pickup artist/seduction community: it’s about attracting women, but holding them in contempt at the same time.

(If you’d like to find out more, see the Jezebel article, The Angry Underground World of Failed Pickup Artists.)

Roosh’s charming views landed him a listing in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Spring 2012 Intelligence Report, titled The Year in Hate and Extremism 2011 under the section: Misogyny: The Sites. He’s listed as part of the so-called “manosphere”, a collection of “websites, blogs and forums dedicated to savaging feminists in particular and women, very typically American women, in general.”

roosh and friends

This photo comes from an article in Washington City Paper with the Onion-like title Blogger Stud Living in Dad’s Basement, Writing Second Book on How to Get Laid.

Roosh V used to think that Washington DC was the worst place for men in North America, but in a recent posting, he says that Accordion City now has to take that title. In his laundry list titled 15 Reasons Why Toronto is the Worst City in North America for Men, his reasons are:

  1. Girls are more excited about getting late night food than having sex
  2. Girls cockblock more than anywhere else in the world
  3. Girls think they are cooler than they actually are
  4. Girls are obese
  5. Girls don’t give eye contact
  6. You have to be approved by the “mother hen”
  7. Too many Asian and Indian girls
  8. Ugly girls are desperate while attractive girls are inaccessible
  9. The entrenched PUA culture is raising the egos of all women
  10. Last call is at 2am
  11. If you make just one mistake with a Toronto girl, you will be rejected
  12. It’s very expensive
  13. It’s a suburban city
  14. It takes a lot of work to date up
  15. It beats men down

roosh and friendOkay, I’ll agree with number 10: last call at 2 a.m. is lame. Number 7 is obnoxiously racist, but unsurprising.

The revealing one is number 14: “It takes a lot of work to date up”. It sums up Roosh’s world view: “I, as a man, can be of average appearance and bereft of charm, but you as a woman had better be hot and submissive. After all, you’re just a life support system for a vagina.”

I have to salute the women of Toronto with a filet mignon on a flaming sword for giving Roosh a hard time! Perhaps it’ll keep him away forever.

If you’ve read this far, check this out: My Invitation to Become a Pickup Artist.

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Yuck. Hadn’t heard of him…but thanks for pointing out that this guy’s vitriol is all about contempt. Big shame there’s an audience for it.

And big salutations to Toronto – best list to be on 🙂

#7 is not racist.

Toronto is a shit hole. It is absolutely the worst place to live in Canada. Even Winnipeg, a city with almost nothing to do beats it by a mile because of the amazing people who live there. The only cool people in Toronto are people who are originally not from there. Roosh’s descriptions of Toronto are 100% accurate and so are his descriptions of Montreal. Why would he hate on a city for no reason? Its his job to write what he observes in an edgy manner.

I can also attest to #1, met some girls at The Madison and then they told me they wanted to go to Mcdonalds after eating pizza.

“Therein lies the dilemma of the pickup artist/seduction community: it’s about attracting women, but holding them in contempt at the same time.”

There are a lot of guys in the community who genuinely want to become better with women, it just so happens that you become jaded when you do start experiencing success. Your willing to put up with less bull shit because you know you can easily meet another girl and she’ll give you the same or more satisfaction than the girl who was giving you attitude can.

If a girl is being cool right off the bat then theres no need for a “hate fuck”. If she’s playing games then why wouldn’t you hold them in contempt.

Well, that certainly disproves the hell out of Joey’s thesis that PUAs just see women as a series of interchangeable vaginas.

I love all the spreading of Roosh’s ideas across the internet. Thanks for giving our esteemed, evil leader more of an audience.

Hmm, let’s see the options:
– your eval of Roosh V (regardless of name-calling)
– your mention SPLC’s dubious “misogyny” sites (yet SPLC has a curious absence of “misandry” sites)
– your reference to a Jezebel (where all reason goes to die) article. Shocker!

I trust my unbiased, non-ideological and rather in-depth following and awareness of all of the above.

I vote for Roosh V. 🙂

You’re just scared that Roosh broke down this stuff to a mathematical level. Aint that easy to be a trick these days huh?

Hey! What’s wrong with Indian girls? 😛

Good on the women of Toronto for having standards.

This guy knows what’s going on. Ok, Roosh pushes the “get laid” agenda a bit much, but he knows that corporate America is purposefully pushes feminism to extremes to create what has become not a “liberated” American woman, but a woman who is unnatural, arrogant, and ultimately, self-defeating, as natural, non-metrosexual men are repulsed by her and are looking for non-American (or at least heartland American) female alternatives.

This article could only have been written by a man that IS PRESENTLY suffering the abuse of an American woman. Like the followers of hitler, the author is following the movement of political correctness..

also… the author cannot deem rooshv a racist for #7, allot of men treat everyone the same and are not racist, but I cannot think for ze penis. And if ze penis does not like what is on the table ze penis is not going to eat.

roosh is spot on

its women like u are always complainin wheres the good man….u turn the beta nerds u kicked around into these guys…have fun

Hold on, hold on. Before we continue TOTALLY DISPROVING the idea that PUAs just see women as a bunch of walking fleshlights who sometimes let their fat yappy mouths go yap yap yap whatever yeah like anyone actually listens, can we at least agree on whether Joey is a man who IS PRESENTLY suffering the abuse of an American woman or a woman like u who is always complainin wheres the good man? It’s vitally important that we figure out whether we’re dealing with the Hitler Youth of political correctness or a total beta-nerd-kicking Regina George.

This just made me follow him, not neglect him. As they say “any publicity is good publicity” … Thanks

I’m not particularly worried, Tony. When you discuss an idea that you diasgree with, you always have to accept the possibility that you will expose it to people who’ll buy into it. That’s part of the give and take about debate.

Good luck with following Roosh. In his polemics, there are a few germs of truth (especially the parts about how confidence is important), but they’re pretty wrapped up in infantile self-gratification and contempt for women. Keep that in mind, and don’t stray too far towards the douche side.

I think it’s important for people like Roosh V to be honest with exactly what they’re thinking, feeling, doing, etc. because at least then women know exactly what kind of guy is trying to pick them up and what his intentions are. And if they still want to go with him, even knowing everything about him, then that’s great for everyone involved, I’m sure.

I’m actually more concerned about those so-called “Nice Guys” who just pretend to be nice to disguise their latent misogyny, because they are much more insidious and in some respects more dangerous than “bro culture”.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with guys these days??? I’m an average looking male in his early thirties and, although I definitely have to put a bit of fucking effort (read: common sense, respect, charm, honesty) into my ‘game’, its really not that hard to meet a quality girl ….unless of course you feel that your masculinity is somehow threatened by women having a sense of independence and self respect???

All you guys who support Roosh out there, listen up – I’m not trolling, I’m saying, with all honest and sincerity, that defending Roosh or defending PUA culture WORKS AGAINST YOU if you actually want to get women. You look like desperate, one track minded Neanderthals who only respond to base cock driven impulses and, regardless of whether or not that’s true, its sexual kryptonite for the modern women. plus, the two biggest players i know don’t say shit, you know why? BECAUSE THEY’VE GOT NOTHING TO PROVE. they’re off having a great time with quality ladies (without stooping to demeaning or insulting them) while you guys are vicariously living through some douche bag who can’t. even. pick. up. a. girl. in. Toronto….troll all you want on this board, the only one’s youre impressing are fellow d bags who are as desperate as you, all the real men and ladies just think you’re pathetic

I couldn’t stand to read all this guy’s nonsense, but I got the gist of it. I hope he moves to another city and saves the good citizens of this city from having to be exposed to him any further.

Congrats, Roosh. A true hero.

Enjoy what you have created, oppressive, dogmatic feminists. Everyone in the world starts to understand Western feminism is a joke, step by step.

I was a male feminist…who never got laid (despite being 6’2, in good shape, good income, etc). After being dumped by my Women’s Studies major fiancée, for a bad boy rock-star; I started reading Roosh. I get laid when I want now because I became the bad-boy that girls ACTUALLY want…at least in the spoiled West. I hear women in Eastern Europe go for the Scientist over the local DJ.

If Women want to eliminate Men like Roosh…stop sleeping with them; and stop blaming Roosh for figuring out the formula and spreading the word (legs).

Attention: Joey deVilla may not agree with the Manosphere…but he is a great Man for being able to debate without frothing at the vagina. Please clone him

Toronto has the cheapest hookers in the first world. they are cheaper in Toronto than they are in Amsterdam, and its legal there! it costs about $60/half-hour in Toronto compared to 50 euro in Amsterdam. $60 is not a lot of money, if you go to a club it will buy you entrance fee, 6 beers and cab home with no pussy in Toronto.

the hookers are cheap because there just so many in Toronto, the escorts compete with each others rates as the supply goes up. And the reason the supply is going up because there is demand for it in Toronto. There are is large amount of single young men in Toronto, that Toronto women would simply not give the time of day to, and these young men would pay for escorts.

i see escorts myself, i like french Canadian girls, many come from Montreal to work in Toronto as escorts, and on multiple occasions, escorts from Montreal told me they like working in Toronto because of so many young men in their 20’s pay for sex. in Montreal the rates are higher, but only old men pay for sex there.


There may be some truth that PUA has contempt for women. But if this stuff doesnt work then why are we worried? PUA should die a quick death.

I dont know whether PUA works or not. IMO its extremely important for a man to be good looking in order to obtain casual sex. But do try to understand why tactics like these came into being in the first place. Its because it is immensely more difficult for men to sexually attract women, than vice versa. But I feel you have an extreme reluctance to acknowledge that.

It is ironic that women are actually more ‘racist’ when it comes to dating.

Western women hold Asian and Indian men in a lot of contempt and generally consider them sexually undesirable. Meanwhile its men who are open to dating and having sex with women of various ethnicity.

This racism of women in dating is brushed under the carpet and rarely becomes gets discussed in mainstream. I know several young Asian and Indian men who are basically worthless in the dating and sexual marketplace in the US and their only option is to marry a girl from their community.

Meanwhile Asian and Indian women have no problems in the dating scene. They can easily hook up with men of all races.

90% of Asian-Caucasian couples are Asian woman & Caucasian man

“Its because it is immensely more difficult for men to sexually attract women, than vice versa. ”

No, that’s just you, Tim.


You have probably never observed the hooking up, bar/club, online dating scene.

On average, a woman can sexually attract a man much more easily than a man can sexually attract a woman, all things equal. This seems like something that goes without saying to most people. There is plenty of evidence supporting this phenomenon.

Thank you for posting this perspective. It’s refreshing and validating coming from a man. I fairly recently found out about Roosh via my boyfriend’s interest and admiration of him, and the more I read, the more annoyed and disgusted I got… and disturbed and concerned. It’s making me re-think staying with my guy, just because those ideas/calls to action bother me so much, are so devaluing to women. I do have self respect.

It really bothers me that apparently so many men identify with, or feel empowered (as if they need it– I mean, come on…) by his B.S., blatant hatred of women as well as more insidious versions of that. I see right through men like this and have absolutely no interest in them in any way (and I’m educated, attractive, have been in relationships of different kinds with a variety of men), Aside from my concern about my current guy if/when we part ways… he will eventually reach a point, if he can even bring himself to follow those PUA ways (he’s really not that type, but the scary thing is, I guess many of them aren’t before they start?), he’ll reach a point where he realizes it’s not really all that it’s cracked up to be. I think what most people, including men who follow a$$holes like this guy, actually are looking for real connection with someone. Not all– sometimes people just want to have a quick lay… it’s not quite for me, but I get it. There are, though, the more insidious ones like Roosh, who are deep down self-hating, insecure, weak-charactered men who can only find satisfaction and self worth by demeaning and using women and bragging about it. I hope at least some of the women who decide to have sex with him/them actually enjoyed themselves, but unfortunately, I’m afraid at least some of those instances amount to rape, and at least dissatisfying sex. I don’t quite understand why there is such a following… there clearly is some kind of perceived deficiency in their lives, but why is the default to find validation and guidance in hating women and/or seeking only sex, and through deception, force, etc.? I really don’t get it. Not people I have any desire to have anywhere around me. I want to dump my guy for even reading this crap, let alone identifying with some of it, but I worry that he’ll dive deeper into it and end up hurt somehow by the whole scene. Really, do most guys who follow this whole scenario end up really happy with how they’re treating and viewing women? And with the kinds of relations they find? I can’t imagine that’s really so for most of them.

Anyway, thanks again for speaking out with criticism of this Roosh crap. That’s the true sign of a real man with real and solid character. Good for you.

It’s so sickening that people like this exist in the world today. I thought we were done with misogynists, or at least those who actually feel the need to voice their disgusting opinions. Toronto is a great place, sorry if not every girl with a brain wants to fuck you, you disgusting hairy asshole.

If he was not hairy or misogynistic would you consider him? Was that a no? Well thats exactly why he does what he does. Like a salesman, we dont tell the entire truth or else we would not make a sale. If were hungry, we will do what it takes. This is not any more about being men than just being human.

The guy probably started out as a momma boy who only wanted love, a good girl, and happiness and likely worked hard for it. What he got when he was older was much short than he wanted so the stick snaps and extremes are pushed.

Women do not have to work to get men so they do not exhibit this response.

I live all my life in Toronto, and was born here too. I am not going to criticize the women here as being hard to pick-up or unnattractive. That is not the point. I think for an outsider like Douche V visiting the city, he doesn’t understand how the girls in Toronto are socialized around guys. Guys have a lot more power here. Girls have to be pretty AND be socially smart, well-read, cool. PUA/players like to think of themselves as the “product” but in Toronto my experience is different. If girls don’t play to a certain code, have the same circle of friends, are not “cool” or interesting to them, guys always have another girl. I am an attractive, mild mannered girl, maybe typically stereotyped as “feminine” and I’ve been passed over countless by guys who will either go for a more sexually aggressive girl, or a overt feminist that will keep him if he is the settling down type. That’s Toronto for you.

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