I’m Judging at Leslieville Bacon Fest Tomorrow (Sunday, August 11th)

Earlier this week, I posted a blog entry about the Bacon Fest taking place tomorrow in Leslieville. I thought that I would simply attend until I received a Twitter message telling me that they were looking for a judge and asking me why I love bacon.

My responses:

  • Bacon works for any meal: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea-time, dinner and midnight snack.
  • You can add it to just about any dish to make it better. Bacon is to meals as ice cream is to dessert.
  • It’s so tasty that it’s the one meat flavour that vegetarians and vegans work hard to copy

I also told them that I see bacon everywhere and sent them links to these photos:

My responses seem to have won over the committee  and I will be a judge at tomorrow’s Bacon Fest.

Once again, the competitors will be:

In addition to competing, they’ll also be selling their bacon-based dishes for you to try.

The bacon-based fun happens this Sunday, August 12th at Jonathan Ashbridge Park (Queen Street East, a few blocks west of Coxwell) and runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m..

See you there! (And yes, I’m bringing the accordion.)

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