Flying Home

Since my summer vacation began back in May, I’ve spent very little time in my home city of Toronto. Instead, I’ve been in these places:

  • Toronto for a week or so
  • Tampa for a couple of weeks
  • Toronto for a couple of days
  • The Philippines — Manila and Bohol — for a couple of weeks
  • Toronto for a day
  • Tampa for a weekend
  • San Francisco and the Bay Area for almost a week
  • Tampa for nearly three weeks

…and now it’s time to make my way back home and take care of a few things: business (including an employment lead or three to chase down), my apartment, catching up with friends and family, and so on. I’ll miss Anitra, but she’s scheduled to come up near the end of August for Fan Expo and a trip to Montreal, and I’ll have my hands full in the meantime.

I’m at gate E73 at Tampa International Airport as I write this, and I’ll be boarding the flight that will get me back to Accordion City in the mid-afternoon. See you soon!

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