Eduard Khil, the “Trololo” Guy, in Critical Condition

Eduard Khil, better known to the internet at large as “The Trololo Guy”, is said to have suffered a stroke and irreversible brain damage and is now in a coma. The video of a performance from decades ago, performed in a vocal-less style called vocaliz took the ‘net by storm and inspired a number of homages and parodies, including this one from Family Guy:

as well as this one by Christophe Waltz, done around the time he took the Oscar for Inglourious Basterds:

He enjoyed the parodies…

…and he even invited people to come up with actual lyrics for the “Trololo” song, whose actual name translates to I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home:

Here’s a recent performance of the song that made him an internet sensation:

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“Thanks to the Internet and this energy that connects us all together, we can be happy, laugh love and bring up children.”

Well said, Eduard.

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