Ottawa Bound / A Very Office Christmas

Katie Uhlmann and Claire Stollery, the comedy team who go by the name Real Professional Duo, have the perfect opening for this article: a comedy video called A Very Office Christmas. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe a little and you’ll learn what happens when you push the boundaries of office friendships and the twenty-dollar gift limit. Kate and Claire are just getting started, and I expect great things from them; you can follow them on Twitter as well as on their YouTube channel.

Shopify-bag-and-logotypeSpeaking of office holiday parties and Secret Santas with twenty-dollar limits, I’m flying to Ottawa to spend the week at the Shopify Mothership. My Platform Evangelist role lets me work from Accordion City and other locations, but from time to time, it’s good for me to have some actual face-to-face contact with my coworkers, my team and especially the developer advocates Edward and David as well as Harley, our Chief Platform Officer. There’s also the matter of the party and Secret Santa gift exchange, which happens this Saturday, as well as catching up with Ottawa-based friends and associates.

shopify dorm

I’ll be staying at the “Shopify Dorm”, an apartment near the office that we keep handy for visiting remote workers like me. I’ve never been there, and as far as I know it’s never been documented on the internet before; there are two things I plan to correct by the end of the week.

If you’re in the Ottawa area and want to catch up, drop me a line and we’ll make arrangements!

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