The Only Thing to Mar an Otherwise Perfect Birthday Weekend

The interior of my Honda CR-V, as seen through its smashed front passenger window

That’s my car, as seen through what remains of my front passenger window. It happened yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of Delta Bingo, on St. Clair just east of Keele.

The thief was after my GPS – a basic Garmin Nuvi 255, nothing fancy – which I normally put away when parking out at night but don’t bother hiding in broad daylight, especially in neighbourhoods that aren’t particularly “ghetto”. S/he completely ignored the satellite radio. My next GPS will simply be my iPhone, which I’ve always got with me and will take whenever I’m away from the car.

Looks like I’ll be paying a visit to Centre Honda today.

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Dude that sucks.. I had the same thing happen to me. I was parked in the Ronces area at work and one night somewhere in a two hour span they smashed and grabbed my GPS. I had mine in the glove compartment but had left the suction cup holder on the window. They left everything else, including a few coins in the cup holder. Cops basically said there wasn’t much they could do about it – I guess theft under $500 is basically legal? You’d think the GPS manufacturers would build in some sort of tracking capability for a situation like this, but as I found out with TomTom they actually have a discount program for people who have had their GPS stolen. Perhaps it’s more of a sales opportunity for them.

That brings up a very good question. Why are they not doing that? It’s a fucking GPS, for Christ’s sake! They know exactly where it is at all times. Talk about leading the cops to the thief. Why aren’t they doing this?

[…] After the window-smashing incident at the bingo hall (I’ll explain later) on Sunday, I dropped my trusty Honda CR-V (13 years old, only 130,000 km/81,000 miles on it) at the shop. A day and some hundreds of dollars later – window replacement was $330, but I also needed a fall/winter tune-up and an emissions test, the latter of which led to the discovery of an exhaust leak – I have my wheels back in perfect working order. […]

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