A Taste of the 20th Reunion

Kelli joey todd

This weekend, I went back to the scene of the crimeCrazy Go Nuts University — to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my graduating year, Science ’91 (Yes, I started off my academic career as an electrical engineer, and followed the grand tradition of switching to computers). It was great seeing all my classmates, whom I met waaay back in 1987, and we had a grand old time and some of the old haunts: Clark Hall Pub, Alfie’s, Wolfe Island and AJ’s (it’s since been renamed "The Ale House"). Although I got so engrossed in conversations and catching up that I took nowhere near as many photos as I should have, I did take some, and I’ll post them later this week.

It was great seeing the gang, and my special thanks to Kelli Pallett and Dave McDonnell for organizing the engineering reunion!

Pictured above: Kelli Pallett, Yours Truly, Todd Armstrong (he’s technically Science ’92, but he’s one of us!).

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