South by Southwest Travel Diary, Entry 2: Allen’s Boots

Allen's Boots neon signI arrived in Austin on Wednesday afternoon and caught up with my friends Lee Dale, Matt Rintoul and Gabe Mansour of the Accordion City-based web/app design firm Say Yeah. Lee had his heart set on getting some cowboy boots, so we made tracks for what considered to Allen’s Boots in South Congress, which boasts an amazing collection of western clothing. In the video above, Lee is looking around for boots and hats, and as you might expect, some mild hilarity ensued.

Here’s just one of the aisles at Allen’s, which has a very nice collection of big-ass belt buckles, hats, shirts, bolo ties and of course, boots:

Boot aisle at Allen's Boots, featuring a big neon "Tony Lama" sign

If you’re in Austin for South by Southwest and are looking for a break, you might just want to grab a cab from the convention center and check out Allen’s. It’s surrounded by a number of neat places worth visiting as well.

Cowboy boots at Allen's

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