Scenes from Seattle, Part 1

Here’s a photo I took during my flight from Toronto to Seattle (where I’ll be for the bext 10 days), getting as much geek mileage as I can. That’s The Social Network playing on the in-flight entertainment system (until yesterday, I still hadn’t seen it), and below that is me getting screenshots for an upcoming Windows Phone 7 development article on my Dell Latitude XT2, my phone- and touch-development demo machine.

"The Social Network" playing on in-flight entertainment system while I work on my laptop, with Visual Studio Express for Phone onscreen

I suppose I could’ve geeked out more by pulling out my other computer – the Dellasaurus – but it’s a 17” beast (Quad core i7 chip! 16 gigs RAM! 1 gig video! Orange!) that doesn’t fit on an airline tray table and I don’t think the person in the seat beside would’ve appreciated it.

While going through security to board the “puddle-jumper” that would take me from Vancouver to Sea-Tac, the security people asked me to prove that my accordion was indeed a musical instrument. I played the refrain from Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling as proof and got a “standing O” at the end.

Joey deVilla's accordion, with an "I [heart] Windows Phone" sticker on it.

Here’s a photo I took from my hotel room early this morning. It’s actually sunny in Seattle! Better still, it’s balmy in comparison: 6 degrees C here, versus –10 back home. I’m going to enjoy the next ten days here!

The sun rising over the Seattle skyline

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