I Love You, Tiger Mom

Tiger Mom: "You new Chinese name is FAI LING"

Both my parents are Asian doctors (as are my sister, brother-in-law, and a good selection of aunts, uncles and cousins), so I have more than passing familiarity with the whole “Tiger Mom” mindset. I chuckled when I read the controversial excerpt from Amy Chua’s book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which the Wall Street Journal gave the headline Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.

As expected, the internet, which is teeming with Asians and Asian fetishists, was bound to respond with a LOLmeme, and it’s produced some real gems. You can catch them all at Tiger Mom Says, and if you think you’ can come up with a better one, the Tiger Mom Meme Generator awaits your creative genius.

Tiger Mom: "Ignorance is bliss? Not in this household."

The Tiger Mom meme has a less successful predecessor: High Expectations Asian Father.

High Expectations Asian Father: "I not come to this country so you can go community college"

It caught on for a while, but unlike Tiger Mom, it wasn’t buoyed by a controversial book.

As for Amy “Tiger Mom” Chua, you might want to watch this video, in which she responds to the uproar about her book:

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Those memes crack me up! There’s a lot of sound and fury over the whole “Tiger Mom”, and although I think of it more as a autobiographical work but some sensitive people take serious issue with it as if it were criticizing their own parenting styles or families.

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