“Said the Gramophone’s” Best Songs of 2010

"Best Songs of 2010 according to Said the Gramophone": photo of a turntable arm on a record player

If you’re looking to fatten up your music collection and you don’t exist solely on a diet of top 40, check out the Best Songs of 2010 list at the indie/alternative MP3 blog Said the Gramophone. It lists what they consider to be the 100 best songs of 2010 and for a little while longer, you’ll even be able to download them (they won’t stay up forever, so download them – and yes, buy them eventually – before they expire).

You can download the complete set of 100 songs in two parts:

I listened to this collection while laid up in the hospital earlier this month.

Yes, it’s likely that you’re not familiar with many of the artists in the list (although they did include a couple of pop baubles such as Cee-Lo’s Fuck You, a song so incredibly catchy that it melts even the most hardcore of indie sensibilities) and you’re not going to find much in the way of jump-on-the-table-and-make-the-devil-sign anthems, but you will hear good music. And you’ll most likely discover a few great artists you’d have otherwise overlooked.

Do check Said the Gramophone from time to time. They update regularly with new songs, and it’s one of the places I go to discover new music.

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