Lazarus Day!

The "Resurrection of Lazarus" painting, updated with a "WTF?", "LOL" and OMGThe Resurrection of Lazarus, by Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet.

After two weeks of being out of action – a week in the hospital, followed by a week under “medical house arrest” – I am back among the living! I’m looking forward to being out and about again, having spent two-thirds of the new year so far in some kind of confinement.

I’m feeling at 100% again. My voice isn’t quite back up to what it was just yet, but I expect it’ll fix itself in a couple of days. What I lack in sound, I make up for in appearance – I no longer look like death warmed over, and a combination of working out often in November and December and being ill (which includes being on an IV/liquid diet for the better part of a week) has left me about fifteen pounds lighter and well ahead of my fitness plan. Even stays in the ICU have their silver linings.

It’s going to be a busy week. I’ll see you out there!

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