I’m on The Montreal Metro Anagram Map

ttc anagram map

Back in 2006, there was a craze for making subway anagram maps – maps of subway systems with names on the maps changed into anagrams (rearrangements of the letters). For example, in John “Robot Johnny” Marsh’s anagram map for the TTC, Bathurst became Butt Rash.

I was aware of Matthew Hollett’s anagram map for the Montreal Metro, but unaware of something in it until Eitan “Skrud” Levi pointed it out on Twitter: the anagram for Guy-Concordia station is Accordion Guy!

montreal metro anagram map

Here’s a closer look:

accordion guy station

2 replies on “I’m on The Montreal Metro Anagram Map”

The greatest thing about that map is all the heavy-rail arrows pointing off the map to other places ALL MAKE SENSE in their anagrams, in a surreal kind of way. One of them points to “Innumberable Arid, Irate, Neolithic Destinations”. Another appears to be showing the way to “Dour, Linear, Obedient Identicalness”-I’d rather not go that way or I’d end up in a 1940s dystopian novel. It may be the same place as “Blander, Intolerable, Unideal Vicinities”, but how would we know if it’s all so bland and identical. My favorite is “Ideal Detour Around Boring Incised Inertia”-likely not one of the dystopias that all the other train lines lead to, or at least a detour around one.

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