Rob Kutner’s “Me, Inc.”

Rob Kutner has written for a lot of comedy shows: Dennis Miller Live, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and after the ensuing break, he’s now writing for Conan’s new late-night show on TBS.

He’s a really funny guy, and somehow I ended up on his contacts list, so when he asked me to plug his new video Me, Inc., a stirring defense of the God-given right of corporate personhood, I was only too happy to oblige:

More of Rob’s Stuff

In case you’ve missed his other YouTube videos, here’s a selection. First, there’s this Mad Men parody, Meshugene Men:

Here’s Wolfman, DDS:

Any my favourite, Jewno:

He’s also got a book on how much better things will be after the world end, Apocalypse How:


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