Appearing This Afternoon on YTV’s “The Zone”

Five Years Ago

Carlos, Joey and Stephanie on YTV's the Zone, February 2006.Photo courtesy of Tris Hussey.

Five years ago, I was working at Tucows, which was located a short walk away from Corus Entertainment’s studios in Accordion City’s Liberty Village neighbourhood. Corus is home to a number of television and radio channels, one of which is YTV, which is sort of like Canada’s answer to Nickelodeon.

I joined YTV PJs (program jockeys) Carlos Bustamente and Stephanie “Sugar” Beard on their weekday afternoon show The Zone for an installment of musical week where I talked about the accordion, showed them how it worked and played a couple of numbers in a few segments that aired between Spongebob Squarepants segments. The folks at YTV, from the hosts to crew to office staff, were very welcoming and friendly, and I had a great time during my visit.

They gave me a VHS recording of our recorded sessions, and I really should get around to digitizing it and uploading it to YouTube.

Carlos, Joey and Stephanie on YTV's the Zone, February 2006.Photo courtesy of Tris Hussey.

Five Days Ago

Five days ago, I went to Corus’ new digs, a big new building on the lake (just off Queen’s Quay, between Jarvis and Sherbourne) with a lot more space and even a slide leading from the third to the ground floor. It was a happy reunion with Carlos for another segment on The Zone, and this time I brought two accordions – one for me and one for him.

Carlos and Joey playing accordions

If you tune into YTV this afternoon between 3:55 and 4:25 to enjoy a little Spongebob, you’ll catch me and Carlos as I talk about the accordion, explain how it works, attempt to teach him how to play The Hokey Pokey, and play a little game called musical roulette where I’m given a random musical genre and topic and have to make up a song on the spot.

Carlos and Joey playing accordions

YTV were even kind enough to give me a little promo on The Zone’s site:

Promo on YTV's The Zone site for Joey's appearance

My thanks to Christina Florio for arranging the whole thing, Sandra Kasturi for hooking me up with Christina, and Carlos and the crew for the great time! I’m always happy to make an appearance on YTV – and hey, when this computer fad blows over, I’m going into kids’ TV.

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