There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

Seriously, Melanie, Dracula’s trying to “do you a solid” here…

"Tomb of Dracula" comicClick the comic to see it at full size.

Quick Grammar Lesson: When Dracula says “It is I,” he’s using correct grammar. “It is me” (or “It’s me”), while seemingly less formal, is also incorrect. “It is he” and “It is she” are also the correct forms, while “It is him” or “It is her” are wrong. That’s because in these cases, the pronoun is the subject and “it” is the object.

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Isn’t “she”, in the sentence “it is she” the subjective completion of “it is”?

Maria brings up a good question… in this case, which takes precedence:
1. “me” is the object of the preposition for, or,
2. “I” is the subjective completion of “is it”, or,
3. is this a poorly formed sentence?

Time for some googling …

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