Montreal Trip, Part 1: Getting There

The Big Apple

big apple 1

Whenever my coworker Damir and I take to the road and the road takes us by Colborne, we make it a point to stop by the Big Apple. That’s not “Big Apple” as in the nickname for New York City, but rather the apple pie restaurant just off Highway 401 with a giant apple-shaped building beside it. The photo above shows where the magic happens, and the photo below shows the pie menu:

big apple 2

Along for the ride was our coworker Jaime, who’d never been to the Big Apple before> He was impressed by the long rows of ready-to-eat slices:

big apple 3

Here’s a sign that society’s getting a little too litigious: a warning that food that you heated yourself in a microwave oven just might be hot:

big apple 4

Jaime made the mistake of putting whipped cream on his apple pie before heating it up in the microwave. The end result wasn’t pretty, but he said it tasted good.

Back on the Road

With our bellies full of pie, it was time to hit the road. With winter approaching and standard time, the transition from day…

drive light

…to night was pretty quick:

drive dark

In addition to conversation, we stayed entertained with the thrilling tales from an audiobook I bought at a truck stop last year: Mark Dalton, Trucker/Detective: Highway Robbery and Other Tales of the Open Road. It’s pure pulp fiction, but it’s also like cheap potato chips – you know it’s bad for you, but once you try it, you can’t stop yourself:

mark dalton trucker detective

Dinner at Reubens

We pulled into our hotel, the Queen Elizabeth, around 9:30 p.m., quickly dropped off our stuff, caught up with our coworker Rick and made a beeline for Reubens, where it was smoked meat and Bloody Caesars all ‘round:

dinner at reubens

I always eat and drink well in Montreal!

dinner at reubens 2

(In the photo above, from left to right: me, Damir, Stuart from TELAV (in the back), Rick, Jaime.)

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