Rob Ford’s Lonely Campaigner

Rob Ford campaigner being ignored

Here’s a photo I snapped yesterday at the corner of Bloor and Bay Streets: a campaigner for Rob Ford handing out stickers. I was heading home from a haircut on my bike – he took one look at me and decided right then and there that I wasn’t even worth the bother. He turned around to face the crowd on the sidewalk and offer stickers, but no one was taking them.

With any luck, the electorate will do the same at the polls tomorrow.

3 replies on “Rob Ford’s Lonely Campaigner”

The best piece of hope I’ve seen in a while!

I predict Ford is going to get crushed and there WILL be record turn out this year

His slander and lynching of me is only now going to court, so he’s gonna have to learn to penny pinch even more, only, WITH HIS OWN CASH! Pity!


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