Truth in Musical Festival Advertising

Sure, I’d still do South by Southwest, but I’m at the age where festivals in the vein of Coachella have lost their appeal, and I think things have devolved to this:

Poster: "Trademarkable Nonsense Word '10. The line up: Increasingly mainstream headliner - Good headliner playing shitty latest album - inoffensive singer-songwriter - out-of-place rapper - '90s band grasping at your fading nostalgia - bearded jam band - fat jam band - fat, bearded jam band - reunited band your friend is flipping out over - lead singer making bad career choice by going solo - band that will cancel at last minute - underage female jazz prodigy who porbably shouldn't be around this many drugs - African tribal music everyone will politely clap for - multi-instrumental, genre-defying but job - band from new iPod commercial - also featuring: band you came to see. The best in music. The worst in living conditions."

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