Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

Joan from “Mad Men” on Accordion

Everyone who knows me and watches Mad Men emailed, texted, Tweeted me to tell me about the scene from Sunday’s episode in which Joan (the curvy redheaded head of Sterling Cooper’s steno pool) played C’est Magnifique on her accordion. Yes, I saw it and enjoyed it quite a bit:

Thanks to Curtis Wilcox for pointing me to the video!


Signs of the Day: “Fatal and Tragic” and “Out of Order”

Sign on Golden Gate Bridge: "Crisis Counseling / There is hope, make the call / The consequences of jumping from this bridge are fata and tragic". Below it is the help phone with a piece of paper taped over it: "Temporarily out of service / To call sergeant's office use a cell phone / (415) 923-2220"

The Current Situation

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

Glenn Beck in front of his whiteboard, listing "Attacks Against Glenn"

He forgot a couple: "Martyr complex" and “Can’t spell”.