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Slice of Life: I See That Steamworks Carries My Favourite Magazine


Steamworks’ Gastown pub, located right by Vancouver’s waterfront, is falling distance from the Fairmont Waterfront hotel, which is where I usually stay when I’m flying in for business. They brew some tasty beer and serve great pub fare and in my experience the service goes above and beyond what you’d normally expect.

A couple of nights ago, I got rather, er, beerlarious at Steamworks and in the process managed to leave my camera there, along with its case. Luckily for me:

  • I keep a business card in my camera case
  • I set the “startup screen” on my camera to be a photo of a piece of paper on which I wrote my name, phone number and email address.

Steamworks left a message on my phone informing me that they found the camera and that I could pick it up when they opened the next day. The camera was assigned to me by Microsoft, and they saved me some hassle and the embarrassment of losing company property, so I must thank the fine people at Steamworks for finding it and letting me know! You’re definitely getting return business from me.

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