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The Best Tornado Video Ever

The tornado isn’t all that spectacular (as far as tornadoes go, anyway), nor is the phonecam footage remarkable in any way. What makes this video is the high-larious drama-queen dialogue. I’m downloading this sucker before the guy wises up and yanks it off YouTube.

I hereby give this video the Drama Queen seal of approval:

[Thanks to the Ginger Ninja for the heads-up!]

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As drama queen as he was at least he was bright enough to stop recording and head for the basement. As far as I can tell, the actual tornado in Vaughn touched down a few blocks from there.

This is the same as the Yonge/Bloor “tornado” video; what he thinks is a tornado is actually just the wall cloud (mesocyclone). Which does rotate (slowly), and is the part of the cell that spawns tornadoes, but is not actually a tornado itself.

But yeah the over-the-top-ness makes it good. =)

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