Parody of the "You Find It, You Keep It" graphic: "You watch our ads / You throw a hissy fit"with the Apple logo.

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I support this ad campaign because I buy Macbooks and this will put pressure on Apple to lower the prices. Go Microsoft!

I tried to find the value in owning a Mac. Other than Garageband, I honestly couldn’t think of one. I’d dual boot with XP or maybe Vista.

Microsoft does a lot of good, despite the bad press. They understand businesses in an extraordinary way. When I hear about Microsoft moving into a new industry, I am pretty confident that it will either be a fantastic turn-key product right off the bat, or maybe by the second generation.

Apple, on the other hand, has their market who will follow them to the ends of the Earth, it’s more of a statement against ‘the man’ than it is anything else. It’s like loving the ugliest little puppy at the pet store. Except this puppy has a polished exterior that scratches easily, and is locked into very overpriced hardware. I’d get the puppy that can play fetch and get me my slippers.

Aww, Chris – I was really looking forward to seeing how you were going to work the whole non-removable battery into your puppy analogy. I feel shortchanged.

I’d never heard of those ads before, they are a great idea. Give people $1000 and see what they come out with. If they are going for a cheap laptop they probably won’t come out with an apple, but they could come out with a windows or linux pc.

Wait what’s that? You can’t buy a linux laptop in-store? You can’t even buy a pc without an OS installed? You have no choice but to buy windows because of microsoft’s questionable practices?

Ah, the cheap Windows notebook. A terrific value, if you want to eventually (1 year later? Maybe two?) want to have two or more separate pieces, despite only paying for one. An excellent deal, in that regard.

(I don’t buy consumer-level computers anymore – I like ’em to last longer than a year. Pro-level notebooks on both sides fit this bill, as do older iBooks – built like tanks. Having recently disassembled a plastic Macbook though, I think I’ll stick with the Pro models.)

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