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It’s the 20th Anniversary of Accordion Awareness Month!

Old 1950s comic: Boy on accordion at party surrounding by adoring girls.

Back in 1989, Tom Torriglia – formerly of the band Those Darn Accordions and now a member of Bella Ciao – established the month of June as Accordion Awareness Month, making this June the 20th anniversary. The purpose of Accordion Awareness Month is to let the world know that the accordion’s making a comeback and invite people to understand the true musical (and in my case, life-changing) potential of my favourite instrument. In honour of this very special month, I’ll be posting stories about accordion as well as other accordion-related news, as well as doing some performances all over town (the Roller Derby was just the beginning).

I’m not the only one doing something special for Accordion Awareness Month. The fine folks at the all-things-accordion blog Let’s Polka are challenging accordion players and enthusiasts to take the Accordion Awareness Month pledge. They’re asking you to do something to promote The Instrument of the Gods:

This year, we want you — our humble, accordion-loving readers — to help promote the virtues of our favorite instrument. Sit on your porch and play some tunes for your neighbors, attend a show on our accordion event calendar, fill up your coworker’s iPod with Flaco Jimenez songs when he isn’t looking, tell all your friends about Let’s Polka… the possibilities are limitless. Me, I’m going to sit on my balcony every night, directly above a pizzeria, and serenade patrons.

To encourage you, we’re giving away over $100 worth of accordion-related goodies to readers who pledge to promote the accordion this month. To make your pledge, write a comment on this post and tell us how you plan to celebrate Accordion Awareness Month — doesn’t matter if it’s something small (making a YouTube video) or big (writing an accordion concerto). One lucky, randomly-chosen pledger will receive a prize package packed with accordion CDs, books, and more. (Prize details coming soon!)

Happy Accordion Awareness Month! Let the squeezing begin!

12 replies on “It’s the 20th Anniversary of Accordion Awareness Month!”

Like every Italian boy growing up, I learned to play the accordion. I still have my very first accordion! With the exception of one leaky bass note, it still does the job. To bring awareness to this worthy cause, I forwded this blog to my cousin – one of the best accordion players I’ve heard.

I will play the traditional Wagner and Mendelssohn on my one-of-a-kind Panther accordion at a friend’s wedding on the 27th; and plan to drag a few friends to the Ford Amphiteatre for Otono Lujan’s free lessons this Monday.

I took my first accordion lesson on a little red 12 bass when I was 8 yrs old….now am almost 60 and love playing it for my own enjoyment and that of my family & friends….tho I have to be honest, it didn’t seem a cool instrument for a kid to play growing up in the 60’s! But its a very important part of my life now, and continues to grow more important as I grow older and note the decline of players in my area. I volunteered to play on our local TV station Friday morning and be interviewed about my accordion in recognition of Accordion Appreciation Month. It’s not about being a skilled or outstanding player to me, (because I am neither) but the fullness of sound and enjoyment of the music to others. I mean, who can listen to an accordion and not pat their foot along to the music!! Happy music! I love all of Those Darn Accordions!!

Greetings fellow accordion enthusiasts!

I’m an accordionist and love accordion music. I celebrate the accordion and accordion music every Sunday on my radio program. There is a community radio station in my town and I took that opportunity to become a DJ and now I host my own radio show called More Accordion! ( I play local and international accordionists and also showcase bands with accordions in them. I enjoy giving accordionists a place to have their music heard. Yay accordions!

I am a placement student in the social service work field and I am currently assisting in supporting a woman who LOVES Polka music and the accordion. Every week she visits a friend who plays this instrument for a private concert. Since it’s Accordion Appreciation Month we are going to be doing crafts involving the accordion that she can give her friend! She is so excited!

Hi..folks… My Mom found a small… old accordian in a car trade in when we had a car dealership. (30 years ago) She brought it to my home.. and I taught myself to play it!! The dog loved it.. (not saying my children did, ha) but anyway… I wore it out. Then.. My cousin came up from North Carolina. She does blue grass.. so I ordered another small accordian and started playing in a local weekly bluegrass jam group! I am 70 now.. (female) and go to a couple of blue grass jams a week. They are so cordial to let me play! I get a little better each time I play.. as I surely am no professional. ha. My husband takes me to each jam session.. carries my accordian.. and sits and waits for me to get done playing. Sometimes .. this is 2 1/2 hours!!
I have even inspired some of the people that come to listen .. to get out their old accordians they have in the attic and start playing them again! It is such good therapy for me.. and when we get done playing.. we are all so happy.
I get a lot of kidding from my friends.. as you don’t see the accordian much anymore.. but I am reading that it is coming back! Yahoo!!
I sit on my deck and play for my neighbors.. and join my cousin in palying for assisted living places…to. I have met the best people…in the jam session!! I carry it in my car as you never know when I wlil get a request!! ha
So.. Thank you God. .. for music!! The accordian is great as you can carry it with you everywhere..

I do programs at nursing homes, and was asked to do a program Thursday 6/11 honoring Accordion Awareness month. So I’m taking both my piano and button accordions for my program this month. I own three piano accordions and the one button box (but will only take one of each to the program!) I will include at least one accordion in the rest of my programs this month as well. Happy Accordion awareness! Let’s polka!

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