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Russian Army Psych Test

English Russia reports that the test below has been making the rounds in Russian blogs. It is purported to be a test issued by the Russian army “to identify any hidden psychological diseases” in new recruits. They look like standard colour-blindness tests; if you can’t see the number inscribed in any of one them, you might have a problem:


Here’s the key to the tests:

If you can’t see the number in this circle: Here’s what might be wrong with you, according to Russian Army psychologists:
1 “High aggression, proneness to conflict, the recommendation is to add more physical exercise and cold showers.”
2 “Possible low than average intellectual abilities, can’t serve with sophisticated equipment.”
3 “Possible debauchery, soldier should get increased daily ration, should get more physical activity tasks, should not be connected to food supplies, etc.”
4 “Possible inclination to violence, can be assigend as a leader to his unit, as he can preserve discipline.”
5 “Possible latent homosexuality. Can be light uncontrolled accesses of attraction to the same sex.”
6 “Possible schizophrenic tendency. Required additional inspection.”


I can see the numbers in all the circles, save circle 5. I swear, I wore those assless chaps only once!

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Actually, this test has nothing to do with Russian Army. The first blog entry where I saw it (not the English-Russia one where you link) says that the test is used in the US Army. Other people who reposted it (I think I have seen it at least 10 times over the last 2 days) referred to some “foreign” or “Western” army. It is easy to see (for me, at least) that the original descriptions of tests were in English.

By the way, I cannot see No.5 either, must be something wrong with me…

Sounds like a major hoax to me.

I could buy the Russian Army being so dumb as not to make the difference between a color-blindness test and a psychological assessment test (barely)… but I highly doubt nobody there would have realised by now that one of their “test” was just a baseline check that most people aren’t expected to read properly (my love of brunch with mimosas notwithstanding, I’m pretty sure my inability to read #5 makes me any more of a dangerous sexual deviant than it does you).

Haha you guys really can’t read number 5?

Turn of your George Micheal record, and look for the number 6.

A quick check of the image with the adjust colour levels / saturation / contrast of your favourite photo editor will show five is a baseline

Definitely a hoax. This is a standard colour-blindness test done on pilots to ensure that they can distinguish between red and green lights (which are on different sides of the plane, so useful for telling if those lights are coming towards you or moving away).

I can’t see 3, 5 and 6! I’m teh debaucht schizophrenik ghey!

And red green colour blind.

Once I was hanging with Quin Martin on a patio and Kyree Vibrant came by wearing shorts that looked just like those tests. She accused us both of perving on her, but we were just looking for the numbers.

I opened it up in Gimp and did Colors->Hue/Saturation then rotated the image through the entire Hue range. Nothing showed up in Circle 5 except noise.

#5 couldn’t really mean anything. if you stare at it in many different angles, turn it upside down whatever, you are really not going to see anything. you can imagine anything. i can see a number 3 in the top edge if i imagine it there. you can possibly even see an x in the middle

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