We Didn’t Start the Flame War

Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, a rather lazy and facile laundry list of historic news events (the worst line of the song is “Trouble in the Su-ez”), got a new lease on life online when The Richter Scales’ borrowed it tune to create Here Comes Another Bubble, their 2007 ditty about overvalued tech companies and the people behind those crazy valuations:

CollegeHumor have given the song another lease on life with the more slick We Didn’t Start the Flamewar, an ode to the great tradition of arguing on the internet in comments sections and forums. I’m pretty impressed with the audio and video production on this number; the CollegeHumor guys keep raising the bar on internet funny:

6 replies on “We Didn’t Start the Flame War”

“‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ , a rather lazy and facile laundry list of historic news events”……………? Lazy? Facile? Really?
If it was so damned easy, why didn’t you think of it?

Theosticles: Maybe I did, and then dismissed it as facile and lazy. As for Billy Joel, he’s written much better stuff.

To borrow from your line of questioning: I take it that you’ve created some works of note with which I might be familiar?

No, I haven’t. But then again, I didn’t have the arrogance to dismiss someone else’s successful effort as lazy and facile. And what have you done lately, besides dissing other people’s work?

wait, wait, wait. hold on…is this intentionally ironic? actually, scratch that. i’m just gonna assume it is and offer my compliments, joey. awesome.

Aaron: I was hoping someone would notice the comment flamewar in a post about comment flamewars!

(And as I always say, “It’s not flaming! It’s just a comment that does 3d6 fire damage!”)

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