Time Travel Cheat Sheet

If you somehow manage to get your hands on a time machine and subsequently find yourself trapped in the past, the Time Travel Cheat Sheet, should come in handy. It lists some important discoveries, inventions and advances that we enjoy today; all you have to do is “invent” them and you’ll be running the show in no time:Time Travel Cheat SheetYou can buy the Time Travel Cheat Sheet as a poster or t-shirt from TopatoCo. Maybe I’ll buy the poster for the Hacklab.

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Reminds me of the story “Lest Darkness Fall” by L. Sprague DeCamp.

In that story, the protagonist is thrust back in time to Rome in 535 AD with just the clothes on his back and a few pieces of silver and nickel money in his pockets. He has to figure out how to make a living and, hopefully, change the course of history so that the Dark Ages never happen.

Since he has no resources and isn’t really an inventor or super genius or anything, he comes up with some easy-to-make things to get ahead in 6th century Italy. It all starts with Brandy and double entry accounting…

Great story, I highly recommend it.

Oh no! He’s screwed time travellers on one score: “Polaris is just about the brightest one in the sky…” So very wrong. Polaris is actually a small, dim star, nearly impossible to find in settled areas unless you know where to look.

BJWest: I didn’t notice that bit about Polaris (a.k.a “the North Star”)! You’re right — it’s not bright — that’s why we find it using the Big Dipper and Little Dipper (a.k.a. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor).

Sirius, a.k.a. “the Dog Star”, is the brightest star in the sky.

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