Hussein and Kumar Go to White House

Barack Obama and Kal PennKal Penn, whom many of you know and love as “Kutner” from the TV series House and from movies like The Namesake and the awesome Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, is joining the Obama administration. He’ll be a liaison between the administration and arts and entertainment groups as well as with my own demographic, the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities.

The comments on the CNN News page reporting the story have been filled with howls of derision from the usual right-wing teabagger – er, I mean “tea party” types – but he’s quite qualified (espeically since he was an adjunct professor teaching courses on Asian images in popular media), and a damned sight more articulate and on-the-ball than Chuck Norris, who served as Mike Huckabee’s sock puppet during his campaign.

From one stereotype-busting Asian/Pacific Islander to another, I salute you, Kal Penn, with a filet mignon on a flaming sword!

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Seems like. I don’t think he gave the writers too much warning either, since it wasn’t explained in the slightest…

Actually, he gave plenty of warning, according to the producers, and the lack of explanation is a shrewd plot device. The following story arc will concern itself with the reasons for his death, and the fact that House, who HAS to solve everything, can’t figure them out.

Way to go Mr. Penn!

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