It’s Daylight Saving Time Again

…which means it’s time to post the official photo of what the first day of daylight saving time feels like:

A penguin about to wake up a polar bear with cymbals.

For those of you who commute by car, be careful out there tomorrow. That missing hour of sleep tends to lead an increase in car accidents.

Maybe someone can answer this question: Why don’t we stay on daylight saving time permanently and not go through a disorienting time change twice a year?

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No, wait… I’ve got that backwards, don’t I. People get depressed going to work in the dark at eight every morning.

It’s one of those two.

I think it’s all a worldwide psychological experiment to see for how long people can obey a given rule (kind of like “The Button” in Lost).

Why don’t we stay off DST permanently? The answer seems muddy, but there’s some evidence that, given modern power-consumption trends, DST actually costs us more energy because people turn on the AC at home earlier and more often because of it.

It’s really time to give timezone’s in general a rest. I’m not saying we sync the world’s wakefulness cycles, just that we give up on the idea that “It’s always noon at lunch time”. I’d be perfectly happy with the clock saying 6pm and the sun high in the sky when I eat my lunch to avoid my current daily hassles scheduling meetings across 2 or more timezones (many with their own DST start/end times).

I think it’s a way for the Powers That Be to remind us twice a year that They control time itself, and that we can’t be trusted to adjust our own schedule. Population control, in other words. Or am I being paranoid?

So I’ve just joined the Toronto blogsphere. I’m an immigrant to Canada, so that might be a refreshing change from the mostly white demographic (see July 25, 2007 post). I’ve just started and I’m collecting links for my blogroll. How do you suggest I should break into the Toronto blog scene?

I’ve been blogging for a long time, but they have been more personal or advertising-oriented. I started the new blog because I wanted something Toronto/Canada-focused. I plan to talk about events, places, shopping, etc. with my distinctively immigrant perspective.

P.S. That’s a really funny picture! It’s exactly how I feel like — I haven’t quite adjusted to the change in time yet.

hello …

can you tell me where the penguin and polar bear photo originated or who has the rights to it please?

i would like to use it in a web site but with appropriate permission.

many thanks and best regards,


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