And on the Third Day, He Carved Some Serious Powder

Gotta love Jesus – not only could they fail to kill him, they couldn’t even ruin his vacation! Jayme sent me this photo, which she took on College near Dovercourt.


Personally, I think Jesus would’ve preferred a snowboard.

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Could it be an ad for an Easter special at some ski resort? Then again, most people don’t mention Jesus in an ad unless they’re specifically proselytizing. Also, the thing being advertised would have to be in that unreadable bit of text at the bottom.

I’m lost. I’m assuming somebody was drunk when they sent this to press and just paired a random piece of stock photography with the Bible quote.

I’ll add to the intrigue: According to the fine print, this poster was printed in London UK.

Personally, I’m thinking that the Koodo people should recruit Jesus for their ads. That’s some seriously fab 80s ski garb!

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