Recycle THIS!

Greenpeace activist dressed as recycling can taken off to be recycled by Eastern European police

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I know it doesn’t actually say that, but from the back of their jackets, it almost looks like they’re from the onion.

Seems like it’s Russia, the guys are from OMON, russian special forces, and they’re taking the greenpeace activist away for a spontaneous suicide from a fourth floor or something.

You can’t tell by the Cyrillic alphabet in the background?

OMOH (Otryad Militsii Osobogo Naznacheniya) is Russia’s version of the RCMP’s tactical teams. Only with a lot less regard for the rule of law and proportionate response.

The guy in the costume was attempting to deliver a sealed package to the mayor of Moscow, who was in the vicinity. OMON didn’t like unexpected guy in bulky costume carrying sealed package to municipal official. Wonder why?

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