Seven Pictures for a Seventh Anniversary

In honour of this blog’s seventh anniversary, seven photos I found today that I though were worth sharing.

Earth from Chandrayaan-1

Here’s a gorgeous shot of the Earth as seen from Chandrayaan-1, India’s first lunar space mission:


A Scene from Critical Mass

It’s a good message. If only Critical Mass would heed its own advice:

060825-Critical 2.jpg

“Fatburger” Knows Their Market

This bumper sticker has got to be part of the most nichey campaign I’ve ever seen for a burger joint:


(In case you’re not aware of the significance of 4:20, here’s an explanation.)

Better Homes and Wookies

Even Chewbacca has a domestic side:


The Case of the Missing Bacon

It just doesn’t have the gravitas of the Hardy Boys’ or Nancy Drew’s case names. Hell, this case may be too small for even my childhood hero, Encyclopedia Brown:

police_solve_case_of_the_missing_bacon“Grapes” Goes Bananas

Here’s Don Cherry wearing a suit so loud that even I might not wear it:


You Can Judge a Good Lawyer by His Ad

“No evidence, no conviction!” Now that’s a snappy catchphrase. If you’re ever in need of a lawyer in southern Louisiana (that’s the area covered by the 225 area code), this guy is your man!

I wonder why he felt it was necessary to include the line “This is an advertisement” on the ad:

Click the ad to see it at full size.

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